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Brave New Players

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August 26th, 2005

02:25 pm

It's almost September and you know what that means...


Yes, folks, you have touched our hearts enough that BNP will continue next summer.

The officially decided show for our Summer 2006 Season is...

Gender Reversed Othello!

What does this mean?

Ladies! Get yourself to the gym and show us some muscle.

Men? Just continue to be your pansyish selves! (j/k... sort of...)

Any questions, comments, or volunteers for helping, feel free to call me or leave a reply to this post.

See you all next summer! MUAH!

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May 28th, 2005

03:48 pm - I forget things!!!
as krizza just reminded me i should probobly post the showtimes and days. their in your email, but just in case...

Wednesday and Thursday
June 22nd and June 23rd
8pm both nights.

jeremy will be taking reservations whenever he decides to do it. i think we'll only be seating like 40 people or so, so friends and fams should pick up tickets now. but when you tell them about it MAKE SURE you mention that this play is hella screwed up and is probobly not appropiate for kids or...people in general. you know, rape and canabalisim and incest and murder and all...

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03:36 pm
Production staff meeting was today...sans the producer...hehe

So....all cast and crew members of Titus should have a REVISED rehearsal schedule in their mailbox.

Memorized by saturday? that's the ideal. sure, i mean i know i am still in school and others are too so if you are a little shakey we understand. but if you need people to read with you, please post or email or call and we'll be all over it. lord knows i could use the line running.

All rehearsals are at 8211 Lowell...as is the show, sadly...

so, see y'all on saturday at noon! post conflicts to revised schedule as a reply.

Oh...and we also decided a few things...
A. Holly as Demetrius is going to be really scary if she just acts like Holly
B. We MIGHT call Titus Andronicus--Titus Androgenous...i'm being serious. it makes sense.
C. The set will be a series of platforms
D. When Titus comes out to bring on the pies, the waitors will follow and distribute the pies to the audience at the same time.
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May 27th, 2005

07:43 pm - B to the izzle, N to the izzay, P to the izzo
Can someone post cast lists/production staff lists for the two shows?

Hope everyone's summers are going well. I'll see you when mine starts. StOOpid school.
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May 26th, 2005

06:21 pm - the girl with the questions has some answers
I have been told by the infamous Maureen, that people SHOULD have their parts memorized by NEXT WEEKEND!

Atleast enough of it memorized so you don't have to be on script from scene to scene.

Thanks people. By the way, do we have a director anymore? I haven't heard from him AT ALL... has anyone?
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May 25th, 2005

03:30 pm - sgdvgduagiahsigdib?!?!
when are we going to have our tightass rehearsal? and where? full-cast or no? are we following Maury's reheasal schedule? am i getting too fat?

anyone has answers? please respond, as you can see i'm a very confused little girl.

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May 20th, 2005

05:52 pm - This is going to all the groups/listservs/facebook friends . . . .

Are you an actor?
Do you want to be one?
Do you like Shakespeare?
Do you like good food, good friends, and good times?
Are you always REALLY bored during those long, hot summer days?

Then Audition for Brave New Players'

by William Shakespeare

Brave New Players is a Shakespeare Company based in Skokie, IL, and celebrating its fifth anniversary this summer.

We are in need of actors! Please contact me via livejournal if you're interested.

The restrictions?
- You must live in the Chicagoland area or be around during the summer. The rehearsals are in Skokie during June and July with a performance the first week in August.
- You must be between the ages of 11 and 22. This is a young people's theatre company.

Auditions are tomorrow from 9am to 1pm or by appointment thereafter.
Contact me for more info.

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04:27 pm
crisis! crisis!

We need people right now so PLEASE all BNP!

call ur friends, siblings, grandmother i don't care.

bring them tomorrow. tell them they don't have to bring anything we'll have monologues there.

and we'll have donuts. that's my bribe.


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May 15th, 2005

12:32 pm

someone who is still wandering about the halls of Niles North should probobly keep the rest of us production staff informed on the volume of auditionees for Tempest in case...

A. We don't have enough people ESPECIALLY men and we need to start hunting people down and forcing them to enlist.


B. We are so damn popular that the spaces are just packed full of people and pandamonium has insued and we need to put up more times.

Those who need to be at auditions:

Proctors: Jeremy Norstad
Holly McHugh
possibly...Ian, Ari, anyone else who just wants to hang around and talk up BNP while doing some mildly demanding work.

Those invited to sit in on auditions:
Katy Jacob
Ana Appel
Krizza Erfe
Ian (if you aren't auditioning...but i'd like u to audition.)

OKAY! be looking for an email soon, pro-staff. i have a list of delegated responsibilities for this season and a new process for designers and budgets we are going to use called budget applications all ready to send in an email. so holla.
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Current Music: "I want a girl who will laugh for no one else..." -Weezer

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May 1st, 2005

11:43 am - Roommates
Hey guys!

One of my buddies, u super cool female freshman stage manager at Columbia is looking for a roommate for next year and since i know some of you are going to school here, just thought i'd put that out there. she's moving into my apartment when greg and i move which is a two bedroom first floor by UIC. Great access to the blue line, buses, food. Rent would be $350 each plus utilities. it's a really good deal for an apartment in the city, plus there is a really awesome view of the Chicago skyline from the roof. Nicole is really awesome so y'all should email me or something.


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