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Production staff meeting was today...sans the producer...hehe… - Brave New Players

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May 28th, 2005

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03:36 pm
Production staff meeting was today...sans the producer...hehe

So....all cast and crew members of Titus should have a REVISED rehearsal schedule in their mailbox.

Memorized by saturday? that's the ideal. sure, i mean i know i am still in school and others are too so if you are a little shakey we understand. but if you need people to read with you, please post or email or call and we'll be all over it. lord knows i could use the line running.

All rehearsals are at 8211 Lowell...as is the show, sadly...

so, see y'all on saturday at noon! post conflicts to revised schedule as a reply.

Oh...and we also decided a few things...
A. Holly as Demetrius is going to be really scary if she just acts like Holly
B. We MIGHT call Titus Andronicus--Titus Androgenous...i'm being serious. it makes sense.
C. The set will be a series of platforms
D. When Titus comes out to bring on the pies, the waitors will follow and distribute the pies to the audience at the same time.
Current Mood: weirdbusy and sweaty
Current Music: "Three of us in the naked light..."-intermis. music 4 titus

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